Reflection On The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

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1105 words

One simple consideration that can change the course of how people think about their approach to life is, the examination of the influences that they have on other people’s lives. An individual could also look outwards and analyze the impact that other people have on that individual’s life. One should also self-reflect and search for how their thoughts and actions craft a pathway towards their own destiny. The statement by Socrates, “the unexamined life is not worth living,” is an interesting statement that requires a considerable amount of analysis. I think it’s important to first examine the circumstances of what was going on when Socrates stated “the unexamined life is not worth living.” To really get a sense of how critical the situation …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that one can change the course of how people think about their approach to life by looking outwards and analyzing the impact that others have on that individual's life.
  • Analyzes how socrates was willing to live and die by staying true to his words. he believed in his philosophical views so much that he chose death.
  • Opines that socrates embraced death because he was curious as to what would happen in the afterlife and was tired of his struggle with some of the athenian society.
  • Opines that socrates' statement has a lot to do with the societies we live in.
  • Opines that society leads people to make critical decisions that lead towards commonality. socrates' philosophical journey saved him from following the ordinary pursuits of men.
  • Opines that socrates wants societies to respect and acknowledge philosophic principles enough not to just push it aside as nonsense. if people took the time to learn from past societies’ generalizations towards life and people, they could realize ways to improve themselves.

I feel that if you have a life that is acknowledged by other people, you have taken the full opportunity of living and made an impact on the society in which you are a part of. That impact could be viewed as positive or negative, but still continues to leave behind some form of an impression. There are many ways to look at how one could make an impact on society. To me, this could be possible by viewing how your society operates, and seeing what the purpose of that livelihood is. I feel that a lot of people go through life following the normal routines of the sociocultural norms, and spend their time doing something they have no personal interest in. This relates back to Socrates accepting death rather than imprisonment or exile, as there is no self-purpose to either of those penalties. It can be seen in many societies today, including America. There are many people who relinquish their dreams to live a more practical life. In my opinion, Socrates would be disappointed in some of today’s generation for not taking the time to dedicate themselves towards their aspirations. Humans today have seemed to lose a lot of the pioneer aspect of their personalities. My general view is that people early in age are raised on the concept that any of their dreams are attainable and that they should strive for them. As people start to develop into young adults they are encouraged to

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