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Lyrically Luscious
Pablo Picasso has nothing on this guy! Coming out of Wimbledon, England, Marcus Mumford sports an educated background and a great voice. He stands in the front of Mumford and Sons, a four man folk band. The name of the band represents a family atmosphere, even though none of them are in any way related. In the beginning, there were no big arenas, no sold out shows, nor any crazy fans. They were playing on the sidewalk in their hometown. Although now they sell out every show they play, they have still kept that “sidewalk mentality”; they do what they do for the love of the music, not for the money, especially since they come from affluent British families. They now have some of the most loyal fans in all of music; many of those fans have not even been able to see them yet. The fame would not be present if they did not have the man in front, with a raspy voice that brings goose bumps to all of us. Marcus Mumford proves his artistry to the world through his lyrics, his unique style, and the atmosphere he is able to create for the audience.
Take the time to listen to any one of their songs off of Sigh no more, and listen to the lyrics, each one will have a specific and deep meaning. Marcus Mumford creates this feeling himself through his incredible lyrical gift. When he is asked where he gets it from, he will tell you that, since he went to Edinburgh University (Lester), he has read a lot of Shakespeare. He often replies when asked about his lyrics that he likes to “…rip off Shakespeare or the Bible…”partly because "You can rip off Shakespeare all you like; no lawyer's going to call you up on that one" (Pearson). On albums of most artists you will always find a bad song or two, but with them, there...

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... with his own views. Mumford’s style also sculpts the artist in him, with his unusual genre and bizarre appearance. Mumford can get any crowd jumping through the use of his kick drum and his own love for all the songs he sings. If this new Indie Folk genre takes off, Mumford will be the one responsible.

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