Loyalist V.S Patriots Analysis Essay

Loyalist V.S Patriots Analysis Essay

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In the 1607, Great Britain started to form colonies in the new world present-day Jamestown Virginia. The British made 13 colonies in the new world that depended on resources by the 1700’s. The French and Indian War happened in the 1754-1763. Loyalist like me wanted to be a part of Great Britain while the patriots wanted independence. The new world needs to be kept a part of Great Britain because we are need their protection, and we are not ready to govern ourselves.

The patriots are making drawings and paintings were drawn for the Boston massacre that doesn't show accurate events or make us look bad. In document 1(The Boston Massacre (1770)) a patriots, Paul Revere made an engraving that shows that the red coats (the British army) are just firing at the patriots. In the caption it states “… help to increase the Americans’ outrage over the Boston massacre.” The engraving was made to anger the colonist because the British is just firing their guns at the patriots. The Boston massacre happened because the patriots started to throw at thing like snowballs at the red coats. In class (America the Story of Us), the video we saw it showed that the patriots threw something at the loyalist first. The gun fire wasn’t on purpose. It was a mistake and when one gun goes off all the guns goes off. The red coats didn’t want to fight. So the patriots are trying to make us look bad when the British were innocent.

The patriots are being not ready to govern themselves because of many reasons. According to document 2 (A Loyalist is Tarred and Feathered (1774)) a poor elderly man named Malcolm was violently hit by a group of people. A group of people tarred and feathered the poor old man. They dislocated his arm an...

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...the better our protection is. The king should not make colonists buy the Britain only but that one way the British makes money. The colonist might feel that the taxes are unfair but they are for good causes for the British. For example like to pay for the war the king and queen’s needs, the army for and more. So the British looks bad to the colonists for multiple reasons, but there is a positive side for us.

Great Britain and the new world should be together because we are not ready to be on our own and we need their protection. I am a loyalist because the king has grown control over us and now we owe our royalty to the king. We have fought in the French and Indian war and the British won. Now British has control over us. It is important to show the king loyalty because of the protection we are given and loyalists want to remain a part of Britain.

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