Compare And Contrast The Patriots And The Loyalists

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On the brink of revolution, the colonies were divided amongst themselves. Two factions with different ideologies “The Patriots” & and the “The Loyalist”, to know these factions we must first know another. Because both parties played a pivotal role in the “American Revolution”. The loyalist group was considered as the elite class of citizens they had money, education, land & and lived a lavish lifestyle. By the estimate considered by “John Adams in his personal journals in 1815 they were about twenty percent of loyalist in the colonies. They remained in favor or support of British and King George III”. They did not believe in independence from the British. They still believed themselves to be loyal British citizens. As far the Patriots are concerned, they were most citizens who wanted the revolution and freedom from the British. The Patriots were sick and tired of the British rule and their unfair treatment towards them. The Patriots …show more content…

Many historians and future generations simply referrers to them as traitors. Due to their act of cowardness, but however the main reasons for their departure was to maintain their extravagances lifestyle. The battle of Lexington and Concord was leading to a series of event that occurred earlier for example The French and Indian war on (1754-1763). The Sugar & Molasses Act (1764). The Stamp Act (1765), The Townshend Act (1767), The Boston Massacre (1770) in which the British Troops shot and killed citizens of Boston, And the Boston Tea Party incident (1773) in which “Samuel Adams” and his fellow men, Dump the Tea in the Boston Harbor. “The main goal of British troops was to capture rebel leaders Sam Adams & John Hancock”. As well as to abolish their weapons and ammunition. However, the horse rider warned the colonist “Paul Revere” and the militia was able hide their ammunition and weapons. Thus, also allowing Samuel Adams and John Hancock to

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  • Explains that the colonies were divided between two factions, the patriots and the loyalist. both parties played a pivotal role in the american revolution.
  • Explains that the loyalist group was considered as the elite class of citizens who had money, education, land, and lived a lavish lifestyle. they remained in favor of british and king george iii.
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