Love Based Marriage Is The Best Reason For Marriage Essay

Love Based Marriage Is The Best Reason For Marriage Essay

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Love Based Marriage is on the Rise
Marriage is defined as the legally union of a man and a woman but, what is not defined is why people get married. In the past the common reason people chose to marry one another was not actually their choice because their marriage was most likely arranged. As time went on you see changes in the institution of marriage. People started marrying for other reasons like to be financial stable or to have a family and have children. Today the most common reason for marriage is because of love. Loved based marriages have been on the rise but are becoming the normal reason for people to marry in today’s society. People talk about the “marriage crisis” all the time, is the rise of love based marriages the blame? Love based marriage is a good thing for the institution of marriage and is not the reason people believe there is a crisis right now. Love based marriage are providing people with a better suited marriage. Love based marriage is arguably the best reason for marriage. We can compare this reason of marriage with the other reasons to marriage and find out why it is for the best that we build our marriage on love. Love based marriage is the only reason that has overcome are the other reasons to be married. Arranged marriages were at one time the best reason to be married and now they are very uncommon, same with marrying for land or status. Love will always work when all else fails.
The first reason people got married was arranged marriage which means that their parents picked their spouse. Most of the time it was due to land or a good last name. With arranged marriages there is lower divorce rate but, people were probably not always happy. With these arranged marriages you did not know who you we...

... middle of paper ... The number one cause for divorce is that people are getting into marriage for the wrong reasons like marrying for money or children and being forced in an arranged marriage. Love based marriage strengthen the institution of marriage. Love provides happiness and well-being to a marriage. In history there has been many reason for a marriage but love based marriage has been the one that has been the longest. It has not always been the popular choice in society but is on a steadily increase. Now in 2014 it is safe to say it is a social norm to marry because of love. In almost all marriage you hear about it’s due to love. Now married is between two people who love each other, it does not even have to be between a woman and man. Love based marriage has improved and made the marriage institution what it is today and is going to continue to strengthen it for the better.

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