Literacy Debate : Online, R U Really Reading? Essay example

Literacy Debate : Online, R U Really Reading? Essay example

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Response to Mitoko Rich, “Literacy Debate – Online, R U Really Reading?”
“What counts as literacy, how literacy changes in response to the new media landscape, and what value we should ascribe to the new forms of communication that continue to emerge and evolve online? (Jenkins, 2009)"
In response to Mitoko Rich, “Literacy Debate – Online, R U Really Reading?” in the 21st century, children are learning via different sources, whether through textbooks, internet, blogs, etc. Therefore, it was not surprising to read what is mentioned in this article. Reading in the digital age is causing a debate, especially in regards to students. After reading the article, questions came to mind such as; is it possible that digital text can cause more harm than good? Can digital text take away the value of reading books? And what is happening psychologically to a child when they are using digital text?
Literacy is being able to read and write; having said this it would be safe to say literacy means learning from books. However, think about the evolution of literacy and the different ways in which children and people learn and retrieve information; this definition could also include interaction with the digital text. There is a wide range as to what counts as literacy such as blogging, social networking, emailing, digital storytelling, online chats and even shopping online just to name a few. Not everyone will agree with what counts as literacy, but if students are not enlightened on the many aspects of what could make them valuable assets in the future; that would be negligent. In Rich’s article digital literacy is being discussed which is the topic this response will focus on. Learning is not restricted only to the classroom. Just like books, the...

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... at all of the changes in technology and how we learn and communicate with one another is astonishing. We moved from a time where we could only use the telephone to having options such as emailing and online chatting to having social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
As we move forward in the future, there will be so many more changes. How humankind responds to the new media landscape depends on each and every one of us individually. For instance, I work with seniors who return to college after years of being away from a classroom setting. When they find out they will have to use the computer, a lot of them run away because they cannot accept change. Along with the new usage and demand of technology inside and outside of the classroom, training and support need to be provided in order to keep everyone knowledgeable. We have to move ahead collectively.

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