Media Literacy Essay

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What is Media Literacy? If one asked “What is media literacy?” a majority of people would be puzzled. Some would say that it is the ‘written’ part of media that is not usually seen or a written layout of how media should be produced. The bulk of people would say they have no idea what media literacy is. People in today’s society should be informed about media literacy. Society should be informed of what media literacy exactly is and how it applies to the field of communications. Media literacy is how the consumers of the particular piece of media studies or analyzes the message that is behind said media. To put it in simpler terms, it is easy to understand media literacy as the ability to read a book, understanding how to direct a website, or post on social media. It is also when you can recognize a scary…show more content…
Being able to construct media in an intelligent way is crucial to becoming prosperous in my field. While, it is not possible to ever obtain “perfect media literacy,” it is achievable to improve your level of media literacy thus to be a wiser media user (Pavlik). As described by Emine Sur, Ünal Emre, and Iseri Kamil:
Media literacy requires the skill to realize that the messages taken from media are reconstructed in the media. An individual needs a different skill, background knowledge and educational organization in order to be media competent. In order to be media literate, we should be in touch with media. The individual who is in touch with media can begin to access information about mass media. (Sur)
As a communications major, I plan on knowing media literacy inside and out to the best of my ability. Media Literacy is a great way for both the producer and the consumer to be at the top of their game when it comes to producing or watching. Everyone should learn and recognize media literacy and what goes on with the media not only just what they produce, but how they produce
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