Life And Work Of The Late Alfred Adler Essay

Life And Work Of The Late Alfred Adler Essay

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The Life and Work of the Late Alfred Adler
Throughout this paper I will discuss the life and career of the late Alfred Adler, a well-known psychologist of the early nineteen hundred’s. I will speak on his early child hood, career, accomplishments and what he has left behind that we still use today. I will also speak on his associations with other credited psychologists, along with some of their most accredited work.
Alfred Adler was born in the year of 1870 in the month of February in Vienna Austria. When he was around five years’ old he developed a horrible disease called rickets, “it is a deficiency or impaired metabolism of vitamin D, phosphorus or calcium, potentially leading to fractures and deformity” (Webster Dictionary). After he discovered that he had rickets, he was struck with pneumonia not long afterwards. Sadly, Adler was a very sickly child. He was always coming down with something. Most children have a somewhat week immune system anyways, but he had a very weak immune system. Adler didn’t seem to mesh well with his brother, it is said that Adler had a sort of rivalry with his older brother which led to a feeling of anger in his childhood. Adler said that he felt that his early childhood problems led to his success in his work as a physician. Around the time Adler turned 18 he headed to the University of Vienna Medical School, having great success there he graduated and received his degree in 1895. Not long after, he and his wife felt the need to leave the country. Vienna was coming under rein of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi army. Vienna was not a safe place to call home during this time. Adler and his wife decided to pick up their items and head to America, they believed that New York would be a great fit for the two...

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...try to help people such as parents, children and even some teachers. These therapy sessions are actually some of the earliest records of family or education, social work, child therapy, and also community therapy to this day. After this he started to join the theories of teleology and psychodynamics in his work. “Teleology is the study of causes and the ways in which things are designed toward the causes” (Webster Dictionary). As part of Adler’s biggest beliefs, he stressed how psychological processes is mainly hit by an unknown force.
Adler has helped come up with many theories. Some of them were formed with other well- known psychologist. Luckily many of these theories are still being proven today. Adler was what you would call very bright and opened minded man. He was an impeccable psychologist. With that being said, his work will be used for many more years.

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