Alfred Adler's Theory Of Personality

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Personality seems to be the common topic of interest in the department of psychology. The problem is, the definition of personality varies depending on the beliefs and assumptions of those who are studying it. (Olson & Hergenhahm, 2011.) There has also been a common debate as to whether there even is such a thing as personality since there does not seem to be clear evidence of it. If there is no such thing as personality, it is fathomable that a person changes over time as well from situation to situation. (Unit 1 Introduction.) If there is such a thing as personality, the influence would be the environment in which they are raised. Unfortunately, not everyone is raised in a healthy environment. Personality has been studied for many centuries, and since almost every theorist has their own take on personality, they discovered different theories which originated from it. First, lets take a look as the theorist that started…show more content…
According to Adler, birth order impacts personality. (Alfred Adler Psych of Personality.) He was the third of seven children and used himself as well as his family to help create the basis to one of his theories. (Alfred Adler News Film.) The oldest starts in a favored position and is in a constant conflict to keep his place. His older brother proved to be a great example of this because he was stronger and more domineering child. (Unit 4 Introduction.) The second child is in constant competition to catch up to the first child, but never seems to catch up. Because of this, the second child has better cooperation, so is more likely the peacemaker. (Olson & Hergenhahm, 2011.) The youngest child has siblings that came before, but none who came after. (Unit 4 Introduction.) This child may feel pampered because they have no rival with the other siblings. The theory revolving around the birth order was oriented mainly by his perspective of his

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