Essay Life after War: The Mental, Physical, and Social Health Effects

Essay Life after War: The Mental, Physical, and Social Health Effects

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From the Roman gladiators to today's revolutionized warfare, war has been a focal point of our society since the beginning of time. Some may argue that war is an essential component to maintain our lavish lifestyles and establish homeland security; however, “War integrates deprivation of basic existential needs and of all human rights and values, it eliminates emotional comfort, it causes irreversible material and kin losses, physical exhaustion, psychological breakdowns, and makes futile all everyday routines” (Flogel and Lauc.)Each type of health plays a tremendous role in the overall metabolic processes of every living organism on the earth. An equal combination of all three types of health is crucial for human survival. The benefits of war may be keen; however, warfare is a multifaceted danger to the existence of the human race because it touches on every strata of an individual’s physical, mental, and social wellness.
The human body is an unbelievable phenomenon with complex mechanisms that benefit from good physical health and well-being. A major contributor to positive physical health is nutrition; however, according to a dietitian employed at the Alexandria VA Hospital there is indisputable evidence that veterans suffer from malnutrition due to food rations and lack of resources. Furthermore, war exposes soldier to harmful physical situations that destroys the symmetry of the societal infrastructure that supports physical wellbeing.
One common effect of armed combat is exposure to infectious disease and toxic chemicals. Malaria, a parasite transmitted to a human host by mosquito bites, is a fatal disease that infects veterans that travel tropical or subtropical areas. Symptoms include nausea, headache, chills, and fev...

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...entire nation. True, war has its advantages for society; however, the impact war has on a person’s overall health cannot be ignored.

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