My Brother Sam Is Dead Character Analysis

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Causes of War In the novel, My Brother Sam is Dead, by James and Christopher Collier, they teach that there are many other ways to solve conflict besides war. War is violent, disgusting, and gruesome and so many people die in war. Families separate in war because of how many people want to be in the thrill of the war and also how many innocent family members die in the midst of war. Lastly, war is worthless and it was caused by a disagreement over something little and the outcome of war is not worth the many lives, time, and money and there are other ways to solve conflict besides to fight. War causes so many negative outcomes on this world that it needs to be avoided at all costs. According to Christopher and James Collier,”War turns men into beasts.” It is true because many people are willing to…show more content…
Meeker was enraged at Sam and his ideas and he shouted,”Free? Free to do what, Sam? Free to mock your king? To shoot your neighbor? To make a mess of a thousand lives? Where have you gotten these ideas?” Sam is thinks that having independence is worth his everything but Mr Meeker thinks the opposite and Mr. Meeker has a point. They all want independence from England but to go against war against one of the strongest countries at the time to have a little tiny bit more freedom was a crazy idea. War is never going to be worth the outcome of anything that happens because there is always something to lose in war such as your family members, waste of time, and could even cost a loved one's life. Tim wasn’t on a side during the Revolutionary War because Sam was a Patriot and his father was just against war and Tim didn’t like the idea of war either but he wanted freedom. In the epilogue, Tim wonders if there was any other solution than to pay the price of war. The price of war is a great price and nobody wants to pay that price so the best thing to do is to reasonably work it out. The idea of war is crazy and war costs like nothing else in this world
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