Learning Within E-learning Ecosystems Essay

Learning Within E-learning Ecosystems Essay

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This paper evaluates the critical success factors within an e-learning ecosystems namely the principles and methods, processes and systems, and substance and content of teaching and learning. A qualitative approach was adopted to evaluate the critical success factors involving two principal data collection methods; a thorough and systematic review literature and in-depth interviews with e-learning providers. The interviewees corroborated the need for an effective model of e-learning in which, each of these factors provide impetus to each other by functioning as a unit, contributing to overall e-learning success. Yet, the results suggest that there is a discrepancy between theory and practice in synergising the three facets of an e-learning ecosystem. The findings of this study identifies several barriers to the adoption of a sustainable e-learning ecosystem, including lack of understanding of technologies behind various pedagogies, insufficiencies of popular learning management systems (LMS) in supporting multiple pedagogies and management of learning resources, lack of understanding of the power of enabling e-learning technologies and sustainability of learning objects repositories (LOR). The results of this study would help both decision makers and e-learning stakeholders to design strategies for creating a sustainable e-learning environment.
Keywords: Critical success factors, e-learning ecosystem, pedgogical strategies, learning technologies, learning resources
With the trend of booming growth and popularity of e-learning, universities are required to streamline their activities to create a sustainable e-learning ecosystem. E-learning or electronic learning in simple terms is provision of educati...

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...in reality? Third, what are the perceived critical management factors enhancing the management of learning resources generated from various pedagogies and technologies? Fourth, what are the perceived critical metadata and ontology elements required for realising the semantic web vision, towards creation of a sustainable reusable learning object repository (RLOR) in a higher education e-learning environment? Fifth, what are the e-learning and management effectiveness factors influenced by the three facets of e-learning ecosystem?
The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. Section 2 covers the definition of relevant terms and presents a review of related work. Section 3 presents the research design, methodologies adopted. Section 4 proposes a model based on the findings for the research. Section 5 concludes the paper with the discussion of future research.

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