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In this essay, I will discuss the process of learning, learning styles (LS) and the learning cycle to see if understanding them is valuable for student nurses. I will identify and compare my dominant learning style with other LS. Then, I will discuss my dominant style with its strengths and weaknesses for my learning and development. After that, I will identify my weakest learning style, and how I can progressively develop this style to enhance my learning.
Honey and Mumford (1992: p 2) claimed that learning is about gaining knowledge and developing new skills. People are able to learn by being ‘taught’ through formal education. Yet, people can also learn from everyday experiences through trial and error.
Also cognitive psychologist, Jean Piaget (McLeod, S. A, 2009) acknowledged how young children learn. Piaget identified four stages of cognitive development:
Sensorimotor – This stage affects children from zero to two. They will understand the environment through their basic senses. The child will learn about object permanence.
Proportional – This stage affects children from two to seven and they are developing their language skills and creativity. Children at this stage are only able to see though their own point of view (Coyne, Timmins and Neill, 2010:p 37) This is known as Egocentrism.
Concrete Operational – This stage affects children from seven to eleven and understand conservation and reversibility.
Formal Operational – This stage affects children from eleven onwards. They can develop skills such as logical thought, rational reasoning and problem solving. (McLeod, 2010)
These stages are known as the developmental stage theory. It demonstrates how knowledge grows and how skills are develop and used.
Every student nurse ...

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... style. This research supported my discussion to determine the value for student nurses to know their learning style.
Steven P. Hams. (2000). A gut feeling? Intuition and critical care nursing. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing. 16 (5), 310 - 318.
The author reviewed numerous studies about using intuition as a nurse and its reliability whilst giving critical care. At the start, the author discussed about how intuition helps nurses to make good decisions with relevant literature. However, this topic caused a great debate with different theorists to determine if intuition is beneficial in nursing practice. Yet, nurses show effective practice when their emotions are incorporated with their expert decisions. Eventually, the author states that intuition is a reliable source in nursing practice. This conclusion supports my decision to make develop my intuitive skills.

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