Learning Is A Natural And Customary Process For Every Being Essay

Learning Is A Natural And Customary Process For Every Being Essay

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Education and learning is a natural and customary process for every being. Learning is habitual as education and knowledge is passed down through generations. Knowledge is always evolving and will continue to be learnt, passed down and taught to others. Types and definitions of education vary, however the primary reason for passing down knowledge is to educate the younger generations. This process is important because it benefits by not repeating mistakes others have previously made, it also helps individuals to develop personal perspectives and opinions throughout life.
Throughout history each culture and society have had their own ways of recording knowledge and information and passing it down to the younger generations. Historically, in most Western societies, knowledge and learning were recorded through books and other forms of documentation, different to most Indigenous societies, who chose to record information through predominately oral means.
In modern days people recognize two types of knowledge systems: Western knowledge (Western science) and Indigenous Knowledge (also known as local and traditional knowledge). Indigenous knowledge refers to cultural and ancestral traditions of the Indigenous people in the area, whereas Western knowledge refers to recorded scientific accusations. These two knowledge systems hold different beliefs and practices, however Western and Indigenous knowledge, share a common principle; to prepare and inform the younger generations about how to survive, live and function well within their society. Indigenous knowledge was and still is practiced by Aboriginals however Western knowledge was the primary knowledge practiced within Australia throughout the country’s colonisation. Although “Aborigina...

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...prospects of young Aboriginal men and by doing so equips them to participate meaningfully in society (Clontarf nd).” Organisations similar to Clontarf are set up throughout Australian middle and high schools. All with the objectives of appealing to Indigenous students in a way that will help the students learn about western knowledge whilst still keeping in touch with Indigenous knowledge. It is important that schools continue to keep organisations such as Clontarf operating. Many positive outcomes have occurred due to Clontarf and similar organisations.
It is extremely essential that Indigenous and western knowledge systems be taught to Indigenous students. Many Aboriginal tribes have lost valuable and important stories and beliefs due to passing down knowledge through oral means, so it’s important to continue and teach Indigenous knowledge to younger generations.

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