Essay about Leadership Styles And Job Satisfaction Among Teachers

Essay about Leadership Styles And Job Satisfaction Among Teachers

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Leadership Styles and Job-satisfaction among Teachers of Sardar Patel Kelwani Mandal Jetpur
Dr. Sushil Kumar Dubey, Principal, SPKM Mahila B. Ed. College
Jetpur Pin- 360370, E-mail: ; Email:,

The aim of the researcher and the paper was to study the relationship between Leadership Styles and Job-satisfaction among Teachers of Sardar Patel Kelwani Mandal Jetpur. Organizations need effective managers and employees to achieve their objectives. Leadership is defined as the ability to influence a group towards the achievement of goals. For this purpose, a total of 98 teachers of this Institute participated in this study. Data have been collected from all employees by the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire and job satisfaction Questionnaire. Results showed that the positive correlation between overall leadership styles and job satisfaction was significant at the level of 0.05.Also, the correlations between leadership styles sub-scales such as transactional leadership, transformational leadership and Lassie-fair leadership and job satisfaction was significant at the level of 0.05. Based on these results, among determinants of job satisfaction, leadership is viewed as an important predictor and plays a central role in the leadership.

Key words:
Leadership Styles, Job Satisfaction, Teacher EducationInstitution, Employees

Sardar Patel Kelwani Mandal, Jetpur, District Rajkot was established in year 2003 under the ‘societies registration act’ with area of 10.27 acres, by leading figure of Leuva Patel Samaj. Initially it consisted of Secondary and Higher...

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...eseresults the positive correlation between overall leadership styles and job satisfaction was significant at the 0.05level of significant. Furthermore, the correlation between leadership styles sub-scales such as transactional leadership, transformational leadership and laissez-fair leadership and job satisfaction was significant at the level of 0.05. Based on the results that presented (table no.2) the correlation between transactional leadership andtransformational leadership was positive and correlation between laissez-fair leadership and job satisfaction was negative.

Table 2: showing Matrix correlation between leadership
Styles and job satisfaction
Variables Job satisfaction
(Correlation co-efficient)
Overall leadership styles 0.76*
Transactional leadership 0.79
Transformational leadership 74*
Laissez-fair leadership -0.74*
* Significant at the level of 0.05.

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