Leadership Retreat 2015 Hosted By The International Student Association Essay

Leadership Retreat 2015 Hosted By The International Student Association Essay

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“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot have both” brene brown
Last week, I had an opportunity to be part of ISA Leadership Retreat 2015 hosted by the International Student Association. It was an amazing experience to be involved in-group of people from many countries. We had a lot of fun together. One of the sections that inspired me the most is “ The power of integrity and Vulnerability in leadership –Amber Cordell”. In this section, each of us will choose a favorite quote from quotes they provide. We also have a chance to be on stage to tell what quote we chose and why we chose this quote. The quote that I choose is the one I mention in the beginning. “ It happens many times that I want to share something with others but I don’t have the courage to be on stage. So this time I decided to come out from my comfort zone to be on stage, and share my thought with you guys.” This is some part of what I said in that day. Indeed, in my entire life I had come across this situation several times whether to choose courage or comfort.
I still remember the first time that I have faced this kind of situation. It goes back 7 years ago when I was 14; I have made one decision that has completely changed my life, the decision to study in India. In begin with my mom sends me to study summer in India for a month because she thinks I might get some experience. At that time I don’t feel like it at all to be there, to be honest, if I have a chance I want to go to another country that more civilize than this one. However, some strange thing happen I don’t know what I was thinking at that time; after two weeks passed I call back to my mom and tell her that I want to study here.
My mom reaction makes me wonder instead of being ...

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...n we want so badly to do that. In order to gain something we need to lose something, by looking at myself now, it makes me feel damn good about my decision back there. Firstly, if I decide not to study in India, I will be still a child that need parent to take care everything, And if I don’t go to India I think I wasn’t make it for my second time decision because India shows me that how much people can benefit from come out of their comfort zone, and how excitement to begin your journey in the place where everything is new for you. These two things are the key things that that makes I came up with the decision to come to the United States. I would say that without this decision I won’t have an opportunity to meet my crew in Tanzania project that make an enormous impact on my life, and at least I won’t have a chance to be in an amazing diverse society called Spartan.

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