Leadership: Leading Causes Of Integrity And Failure Of Leadership

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A cornerstone characteristic among those that have been successful in the society is that during times of stress and pressure, they still show that they are in control of things regardless of the issues that may or may not be within their control. In and during times of pressure, a successful leader inspires the rest of the workforce, people who on many occasions could have lost their faith in the cause because of the pressure. During such times, action is taken by a leader, a leader wouldn’t just sit back and watch as things go wrong while they are capable of making or bringing about changes that are crucial to restore order and productivity. In order for the leader to be effective in this area, they must be capable of properly conducting an assessment of a given situation before they take action. The results of the assessment should primarily provide guidance on the most feasible and effective course of action that the leader should consider taking (Collins, and Porras, 25-7). Teams have become integral parts and driving forces of success in organizations. A key common attribute among highly…show more content…
Integrity is one of the leading causes of failure for many great leaders globally, loss of integrity in a leader can be toxic leading to the compromise of an entire organization. With respect to being honest, successful individuals are always truthful and treat others in a fair manner. They also ensure that there is honesty and transparency in their activities and undertakings, since it is one of the most valuable building pillars of integrity. With regards to opportunities that are available, successful individuals do not act in favor of certain individuals at the expense of other people. Everyone is treated as an equal in the presence of an opportunity. Integrity is a key ingredient that is mainly and often overlooked as a determinant of the success of an

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