Leader Philosophy: Speech Pathology Essay

Leader Philosophy: Speech Pathology Essay

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As many people help others in life, they can be known to have the potential to be an outstanding leader. Leadership is the act of motivating ordinary people to do extraordinary things. It includes having a strong, positive, inspiring attitude that others will believe in. Leadership is having clear communication so that others will work their hardest to achieve whatever is given to them. Leaders make an impact on others hearts with their ultimate passion which leads to making a difference in people’s lives.
Many people in my life I could call a leader. The person who stands out the most is my older sister Marissa. Marissa has all the qualities a good leader should have and expresses them in multiple ways. Throughout her teen-age years she played soccer and was part of the business club DECA. She helped lead her soccer team to many wins and always tried to stay positive. As she is now a senior in college she is also a leader in her sorority. Marissa was Vice President of Alpha Chi Omega and is always involved and ready to take on any task thrown in her direction. Another great leadership position she held was having the opportunity to be a Gamma Chi. A Gamma Chi is one who gets a group of girls going through sorority recruitment and helps them along the process of joining a sorority. She was there to answer any questions they had and reminded them that no matter where you end up it is meant to be. As she is my older sister, I am always looking up to her. She is such an outstanding role model and I hope can live up to her achievements. Even when she does not want to do something, she always puts forth 110% and is positive. She is a great listener and I learn new things from her on a daily basis.
Great leaders are defined by a posit...

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...alues and beliefs and always stick to your word. Help lead and show others who look up to you and always give it 100%. Always remember that people are always watching and learning from you so always lead by example!

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