Speech Delay in Children

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Speech and language delays can be problematic for preschoolers, school aged children and adolescents. These delays range in degree of severity and have many causes; physical and developmentally. Communication plays a specific and important role to all people, especially, preschool children who are developing speech and language skills at fast rate. The consequences of these delays can be devastating for the children affected and can follow them into adulthood. These effects may include academic problems, social and emotional issues and may even lead into mental illness. Children with speech and language delays need professional intervention as young as possible. However even with intervention, some children are still at risk of suffering the negative effects of speech and language delay.
Speech is the actual act of communicating through the use of words and sounds (American Family Physician, 1999 pg. 3121). The importance of verbal communication is the development of positive relationships with family and peers (American Family Physician, 1999 pg. 3121). Language is the act of understanding what is being spoken and the ability to express thoughts and feelings in return. Language is also understood and expressed through the use of visual aids such as pictures (American Family Physician, 2011 pg. 1183). The development of both speech and language is essential for healthy social and emotional skills.
A speech and langue delay may become evident to caregivers when a child is not reaching the normal milestones for age appropriateness. Children may not be speaking or understanding what may be considered the average for their age groups. A speech delay is defined that a child’s rate of speech is developed at a slower rate than the norm e...

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...ith the same challenges could prove to be quite effective. This will provide the necessary tools for social development skills and increasing the positive outcomes for positive and lasting peer relations and friendships.

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