Essay on The Largest Canadian Owned Specialty Coffee Retailer

Essay on The Largest Canadian Owned Specialty Coffee Retailer

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“Second Cup is the largest Canadian-owned specialty coffee retailer. Since its inception in 1975, Second Cup has grown to more than 360 cafés across Canada and over 15 cafés internationally, making Second Cup a second home to hundreds of guests every day all over the world.” (Second Cup 2008a). Its headquarters are in Mississauga, Ontario. The company plans on expanding to Kazakhstan, which will be positively successful. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country (World CIA Facts) in the world with the population of 18 million people, so there is a large market here. Alongside with it, research on the tea habits of the Kazakhs shows that 99% of the country’s population (of 18 million) drink tea on a daily basis, with 50% of the tea drinkers drinking over four cups per day. Kazakhstan is one of the many tea-loving countries where tea remains most traditional and preferable hot drink in Kazakhstan, so Second Cup will be in great demand. Besides, according to the research done by Expert Consult, the average income of the middle class is $2000-$2500, so more Kazakh people in the middle class (35-40%) have enough money to afford to purchase the products from Second Cup, which will result in increased sales. (Expert Consult).
Gradually but surely, the cozy coffee shops are becoming more popular than restaurants among youth. Therefore, Second Cup will become an alternative place for business meetings and informal communication in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere of the coffee shop. Additionally, coffee culture is rapidly developing in Kazakhstan, as 50% of the Kazakhs drink over four cups of coffee per day. Also, Second Cup has a great opportunity to contribute and offer guests a rich assortment of food and drinks: premium coffee...

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...hreat to Second Cup. The specialty coffee retailer, Starbucks, on the other hand, is a direct competitor because it offers a similar selection of products. The strength of Starbucks is that it is acknowledged all over the world. But the weakness is that Starbucks is always overcrowded. Consequently, Starbucks is a close substitute to Second Cup and pose a significant threat of rivalry. However, Second Cup has a better quality of products, wide range of beverages and offers a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, that may work to the advantage of Second Cup in attracting and retaining consumers. Moreover, the prices of Second Cup products are cheaper. Although Second Cup has a number of competitors including Starbucks and local coffee houses, Second Cup has a competitive advantage in terms of differentiations and brand equity.
For more information, please see Appendix B.

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