Lack of Unity During the French and Indian War Essay

Lack of Unity During the French and Indian War Essay

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In previous wars, such as The French and Indian War, the colonists lacked unity. During the French and Indian War, the Indians mocked and laughed at the difficulty of pulling and working together to fight and win. The Sugar Act and Stamp Act, tax raising revenues, sparked anger among the colonists. As England issued more unfair taxes and restricted the right to protest against the unjust laws, Americans saw the importance and the strength of acting as one unified nation. Nevertheless, despite the efforts of reconciliation, such as the Olive Branch Petition, England continued to trample on the rights of the colonists, leading to a war for freedom. On the eve of the American Revolution, the colonists were united to fight for a common purpose – independence.
During the French and Indian War, Americans did not band together to fight off the French. The people closest to the fighting area gave more money than the colonists in a safer area, However, Benjamin Franklin, a member of the Albany Congress, constructed a political cartoon showing the importance of colonial unity. The politi...

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