Essay on Knee Dislocations

Essay on Knee Dislocations

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In today’s sports world, athletes are pushing themselves to the limits to accomplish a sound victory for themselves or their team. But sometimes they succumb to pushing themselves too hard and get injured. They put them in a position where the only option they have is getting an injury. Lots of injuries happen to the leg of the athlete, but the knee is where the most damage is. Although it does not happen often, a knee dislocation is a serious injury. Being different than a patellar dislocation which is where the patella relocates to another spot of the knee, a knee dislocation is where the tibia and femur are forcibly separated. Not only can one dislocate their knee, they also can also tear their anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, and sometimes tear the medial collateral ligament or the lateral collateral ligament. As well with the ligaments be torn, blood supply and nerve blockage could happen making a dislocated knee very dangerous to the athlete who dislocates their knee. A dislocation is a medical emergency that usually ends up in surgery to fix not only the placement of the bones, but the ligaments as well. This injury can keep an athlete out for weeks or months depending on the severity of the dislocation making a long and painful rehab. Once back into play, unfortunately, the chances of them dislocating again increase making the management and rehab of the athlete even more important.
In order to know how bad a dislocated knee is, the anatomy of the knee should be known. The top bone in the joint is called the femur and the bone that is connected to is the tibia, which is distal it (Prentice, 20142013). Next to the tibia laterally is the fibula (Prentice, 20142013). These bones form the knee joint. I...

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