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King Henry VIII was not only a major component of England’s governmental structure, but was also an integral part of English Renaissance literature. From writing love poems to participating in literary endeavors, King Henry VIII revolutionized literature in England all while running the country. His humanist ideals and youthful, energetic personality provided a refreshing change of pace from the previous king, which resulted in the trust and support of his people. While his life was what modern society considers short, King Henry VIII changed the face of literature and government in England.
Born Henry Tudor on June 28, 1491, he was the second son of King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth. He was a young king, only 18, when he took the throne after his father’s passing. He was the first well-educated English monarch, who spoke many languages including French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin. He was many things including an accomplished musician, writer, and poet. He surpassed at jousting and hunting, using them not only as pastimes but also as political devices. Even though he possessed great qualities, he was also a very powerful man with his own strong will; his overpowering charm, could turn into anger and shouting for he was high strung and unstable; he also was neurotic and controlled by a strong sense of cruelty. Crowned on June 24, 1509, King Henry VIII’s accession to the throne was warmly welcomed due to the differences between him and the late king. “The English were generally tired of the late king’s tightfisted manner and dour court” (Herman 7). During this time, the Reformation had finally begun in England. A dispute between King Henry VIII and the Pope had been based upon the assumption that the king was a “national stallion...

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...s of books, plays, poems, and pamphlets. While King Henry VIII may not have had the best characteristics or not always completely thought through his actions, there was no doubt that he was a leader all his life.

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