Key Elements Of Managing Performance Essay

Key Elements Of Managing Performance Essay

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HR Assessment 2

Task 1- Performance management is a process which contributes to the effective management of an individual or a team. This will allow them to achieve high standards and high levels of work. This establishes a strong understanding of what needs to be achieved. There are 3 key elements of managing performance these are;
1- Ensuring all employees are aware of what it is they need to do.
2- Assessing the employees performance
3- Provide them with plenty of feedback and helping them improve their performance.
Businesses may use this because it allows everyone in the organisation to know exactly what is expected of them and how it may be achieved. They know their training and development needs. All members of staff can see how they are doing by reviewing current and past performance and this will help for future performance. Both individuals and organisations benefit from these procedures. Benefits which employees face are motivation and satisfaction, employees are given recognition for their work and this will give them more motivation to do their jobs and at a better standard. Training and development is another thing that would benefit employees, throughout employees working life they should enhance their skills and this could be done by training and development. If the employee feels that they are getting time away from their everyday routines to develop their skills and learn new ones they will feel more at ease when carrying out the job in future. Organisations have key benefits one of which is improved communication. This is key within a business and if they employees feel like they are being listened too and feel comfortable talking to higher members of staff about problems, these problems can be solved st...

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...g to conclusions.

On the other hand, when you are listening to feedback you should wait until your manager has finished they key points before giving any opinions or concerns, unless asked to speak. It is crucial that you are very clear on what your manager is saying and that you don’t just agree even if you disagree with a statement. If a situation like this does occur, then it is important that this is discussed and that a solution is made from it. No matter if the feedback is positive or negative do not act offended, explain the reasons for your actions and if your manager isn’t happy then try to find a mutual ground on how this can be resolved. If you do not agree with the majority of what was said it is beneficial to ask another employee if they have had any problems and if they can offer any advice on how you can come to a common agreement with your manager.

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