Juvenile Delinquency And Its Effect On Society Essay

Juvenile Delinquency And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Under the law, depending on the state and with some expectations, being punished for a felony isn’t that simple. Prisoners not only serve their time in jail for the crime that they have committed, but many of them would also lose their rights and opportunities upon their release. For example, they lose their right to vote, their right to bear arms, public social benefits, certain employment opportunities, and are prohibited from certain areas because of their criminal record. This law can be problematic, especially for young people as they are young and are still learning from their mistakes. Yet, there is a possibility that a crime that they have committed when they were younger could still affect them through adulthood.
I chose this topic of juvenile delinquency in particular because of the high amount of juvenile arrested for crimes that could affect them in the long run. More specifically, according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 1,024,000 juveniles were arrested. This is not to say that there is not a high amount of felony conviction that could affect all people from different age group in terms of losing their rights and opportunities, but to say that the outlook is much worse on the juveniles than adults.
For example, in the case of a 16 year old boy, Jean Karlo Ponzanelli, when it was found that he had sex three times with a 13 year old girl, he was charged with a first degree felony and arrested because under the law anyone younger than 14 years old is a minor. This affected him negatively because now that he has this charge placed upon him, he is now registered as a sex offender. As a sex offender, he was not allowed to be in contact or be around children younger than 17, could not live ...

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...trength of this recommendation is that there is some sort of balance between the punishment of prison and no criminal record, but counseling is mandated. Another strength of this recommendation is that it is not as easy to be free from criminal records for those that are worried that this could mean high youth crime rates. The purpose of counseling is supposed to help the people between the ages of 9 to 14 that have been convicted of a crime to talk about what caused them to cause the crime that they did and to find out ways to avoid those types of situation again. However, the weakness of this recommendation is that counseling might not help people to its fullest potential, but on the flip side, it is one step in helping. Another weakness of this recommendation is that there might not be enough funds for these people to be in jail and be offered mandated counseling.

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