Justification For Same Sex Marriage Essay

Justification For Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Justification for same - sex marriage

To begin with, gay marriage has been a controversial issue in today 's society. It seems to me that the government finds it difficult to accept same - sex couples into marriage. By the government prohibiting same - sex couples from getting married, they are denying them freedom that every other American has. "Marriage is a unique legal status conferred by and recognized by governments all over the world. It brings with it a host of reciprocal obligations, rights and protections" (National Organization of Women, 2012, p, 1). Currently in Oklahoma City it is illegal for same - sex couples to get married which is unconstitutional due to discrimination. Me being bisexual who has a part in being homosexual, I feel like banning gay marriage is absolutely wrong and against human rights. One thing I don 't understand is why people have the right to choose who marries who? Everyone should worry about themselves then the world would be a better place. No matter how you put it love is love rather it 's a straight, gay, or lesbian couple. It 's genuinely all about the love between one another. Gays have the right just as any straight person, that 's how I look at it .I 'm pretty sure gay couples does not harm this society in any way or form. Gay marriage should certainly be legalized due to our civil rights and plus the constitution gives us liberties and one of the liberties pertain the pursuit of happiness. However, there 's plenty of reasons on why opponents of gays think gay marriage is wrong and these reasons add up to one controversial topic; the bible itself. "So God created man in His own appearance ; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."—Genesis 1:27 (N K...

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...very person being protected. Allowing gay marriage would serve to honor the Constitution. The future of this debate will decision any different from what it is today; the Constitution will remain a guideline that inherently insists on equal treatment for all human being especially in democratic society. My intentions in writing this argumentative essay were to dictate that it is that nation 's responsibility to acknowledge all unions, instead discriminating couples on their sex. Homosexuals, who are in love, have the fundamental right to commit to each other and have it legally recognized by the United States government. Remember "love doesn 't have eyes; it doesn 't go by race or gender. Love goes by how the person makes you feel sensation and sees the person for who they are in the inside" (Homosexual Quotes). Homosexuality isn 't a choice. Discrimination is.

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