Gay Marriage Persuasive Essay

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Imagine you have just found the person of your dreams, your soulmate, the one you're meant to be with, but you can't marry them. I am going to persuade the class that gay marriage should be legal in every state in America. Opponents of same-sex marriage have about as many reasons to not allow gay marriage as supporters have to allow it. One reason people don't want gays getting married is because in most religions, it is a sin to be attracted to the same gender, and completely unspeakable to marry them. (TFP Student Action; page 1) They think that if we were to allow gays to marry, it would promote the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, and society would be forced to accept it. (TFP Student Action; page 1) Children would get confused after seeing two men/women getting married at a church, and may think they can behave this way, even if their religion is against it. (TFP Student Action; page 1) Schools could even begin to teach about the gay culture, due to it being so socially accepted. (TFP Student Action; page 1) Other counterclaims state that same-sex marriage is unnatural, and allowing them to marry may lead to other people/animals in unnatural relationships feeling that they have the right to marry too, such as bestialists and incestists. (procon; page 1) As Glen Lavy, a member of the Alliance Defense Fund, stated in a Los Angeles Times Op-Ed “...marriage between two consenting adults is not inherently more or less ‘correct’ than marriage among three (or four, or six) consenting adults.” He said this whilst comparing the marriage of homosexuals to the marriage of polygamists. There are always two sides to every argument, but those who are against same-sex marriage state that studies have shown homosexuals, with s... ... middle of paper ... ...e just confused. (procon; page 1) Some have claimed you can change your sexual orientation but most scientists say they're most likely just convince themselves of this. (Robert Spitzer; page 1) America is a very successful country and we have done many great things, but we are having trouble deciding what to do about same-sex marriage. If you look how far we've come in the last 50 years, not only accepting gays but African-Americans too, I think that the new generations will be living in a world where everyone can marry who they wish. I hope this will be true, and maybe they will look at us and wonder why the clean except people for who they are, just like we look at women not being equal or African Americans being hated, as insane. Maybe the world will look it all the reasons to allow gay marriage, and overcome the reasons not to, because there are very good ones.
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