Justice Served in Lufthansa Heist Essay

Justice Served in Lufthansa Heist Essay

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Justice was served after 36 years when the FBI finally tracked down the masterminds behind the biggest bank robbery in New York's history, the Lufthansa Heist. The FBI believes that this is a lesson to be learned for the thousands of criminals today. No matter how long, even decades, like the Lufthansa Heist, you will be found and your time will be served. Even though the mobsters were captured, the man who thought of the entire scheme, James Burke, still carried out plans to continue their "business" in recent months of the year. There were many different assets to this very critical plan that the crime family had prepared for, but they did not know that sooner or later they were going to get caught.
In 1976, the entire manifestation was completely planned by a man named James Burke or better known by his alias "Jimmy the Gent". A bookmaker, Martin Krugman, told Burke's associate, Henry Hill, about the money that had been stolen. At the Kennedy Airport the stolen millions was stored in a vault. An employee at the airport, Louis Werner, owed close to $20,000 for his gambling problem and also to, Pete Gruenwald, a former coworker. Earlier, Pete Gruenwald and Louis Werner stole $22,000, without a problem from a previous employer, Lufthansa. The man who helped with all the planning was, Louis Werner. Werner went as far as telling the 'get away cars' where to park, so they could execute the plan perfectly. To get the money to its destination, they used a huge van to transport it, but it interfered with a "crash" car to make sure there was a police chase. Burke has specifically chosen the perfect amount of people to be the "inside gunman" and had one represent the crime family as the outside shooter. Burke ordered a black male, Parne...

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...possible to connect this back to the heist, they would and they finally did. Although most of the suspects were dead or already put in a Witness Protection Program, the FBI still had contact with the high ranked member himself. In my opinion, I feel as though this entire investigation should have been solved decades ago, but considering the amount of evidence they had to show the court, was impossible. The Crime Family is very lucky to get away with what they did. Taking three time the amount that the planner actually wanted is a risk they were willing to take, but If “Stacks” could have got rid of the van like he said he was going to, maybe in 2014 we would have never found Vincent. We may never know what exactly could have happened. Although it may have been 36 years later, justice was certainly served to one of the biggest bank robberies in New York's history.

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