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Organized crime is defined as a systematic unlawful activity for profiting on a city, state, or profiting illegal on an international scale. These criminal organizations keep their activities secret. In some cases gangs can be considered sufficient and systematic enough to be called organized. Criminal organizations in general need help from society, or have someone in high political rank to help carry out the illegal processes. This could be law enforcement agencies, judges, and other important political figures. Without these important individuals involvement, organized crime could not exist. There are many examples of organized crime. The first type I will discuss is racketeering. Most commonly used by the Mafia racketeering is an organized conspiracy to commit extortion. Labor racketeering is an example of racketeering that involves the misuse of organized labor for criminal purposes. This can include exploitation of employers, union members, or both. Employers can be bullied into paying employees who do not work. They can also be forced to pay money to corrupt officials to guarantee labor peace and to avoid publicity. Union workers pay into a pension that can be managed for interest of mobsters than for the workers retirement. The most common and popular organized crime system is the mafia. This organized crime unit was originated in closely knit immigrant groups that did not trust local authorities. The mafia is also known as the La Cosa Nostra or the mob. The name mob was an umbrella name of clandestine organizations in Sicily and the United States. The mafia reached the United States in the early twentieth century. Newly arrived Italians in the United States spoke little to no English. They clustered in the same neighb... ... middle of paper ... ...llows advantages on both sides to get the job done. When agencies work together to accomplish one main goal or objective the job will get done and those disobeying the law will get punished. Those who suffer from these organized crime systems will also get their peace and justice. The organized crime we once knew in America has changed. While we are familiar with the Mafia in Hollywood films, the threat of organized crime is at a much larger scale. International terror groups and the financial gains they receive from organized crime groups must be stopped. With new insight in the organized crime topic, Americans can now know that the situation is being handled and there security and welfare is being looked out for. We as a national will do whatever it takes to be free and to promote welfare for all people. Our history has shown this and will prevail in the future.
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