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One day in the middle of summer, Rob Sterling woke up on what seemed to be a normal day. He had breakfast and then relaxed on his couch. He started to watch television. Rob lived in an apartment in the middle of New York City. He was a man in his mid-thirties. He was about six-feet tall, and he was a kind yet serious man. Rob was a detective for the New York Police Department (“NYPD”). As he was watching television, Rob received a call from the NYPD. They said, “Come to our station on Fifth Street, now!” Rob arrived at the police station and a police officer said, “Your boss is waiting for you in her office.” Rob was very worried that he was in trouble. He was starting to sweat and felt as if the walls were caving in on him. What could I have possibly done wrong? Rob thought. …show more content…

His boss was the leader of the detective division of the NYPD. Rob clearly looked worried because his boss said, “Don’t worry. You aren’t in trouble.” In his boss’s office, Rob was informed that an endangered tiger had been killed. That was illegal. “We want you to find the criminal,” said his boss. “Where was the crime committed?” asked Rob. “In Africa.” “In Africa?” “Yes, in Africa.” “But why would I go to Africa?” “You are a very talented and well-known detective. The government of the country in which the tiger was killed requested that you work on the case. A man named John Smith will help you. He is from Africa and will help you find your way around.” “Oh, okay.” “Ah, yes, I almost forgot, your flight is in three hours.” “Three hours?” “Do you have a problem with that?” “N-n-no,

In this essay, the author

  • Describes john smith as a talented and well-known detective. the government of the country in which the tiger was killed requested that you work on the case.
  • Describes how rob met john in africa, a young man with beard and buzz cut. john drove rob to the jungle, searching for clues.
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