Essay about José Ortega y Gasset: Eulogy of Eukaryotes

Essay about José Ortega y Gasset: Eulogy of Eukaryotes

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Sometimes it seems that everyone I meet is dead on the outside. It is a little disturbing, but maybe they are just trying to attract some Mendelian specimens. Personally, I find the systematic genocide I have festering inside more alarming. I do not want to inflate my importance, but it leaves me with billions of bodies to bury, and where I put them could affect if I will have clean enough water to exfoliate away my dust mite food. According to José Ortega y Gasset I am my circumstance, so by extension, I am nothing but my own dead cells.
Now, although the cells keeling over in my gut affect my well-being, it is inarguable that my skin cells affect what really matters - my social life. I refer to the unspoken competitive snobbery that goes on between the upper 10% blessed with dust mite allergy (Clot). Although opinions differ, Zyrtec is factually the most prestigious medicine a fourth grader could take. It is a privilege well-earned because desquamation - the process of shedding dead skin cells - tirelessly lobs off over one thousand cells from one square centimeter of forearm flesh per hour to feed Dermatophagoides farinae, the common dust mite. (Rob) (Clot) Along with a nightly does of a liter of sweat, my cells furnish the production of mite-secreted enzymes, which proportionately affects the itchiness of my eyes. In effect, my own dead cells caused me asthma and fever systems, a circumstance which played a role from delivering me from band, to visual arts. (Clot) However, the effect of dead cells has always played a role in a transformation several orders of magnitude larger since the agricultural revolution.
Each day my body will typically flip the switch on over 10 billion cell via programmed death -...

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...ys govern the human machine. However, I wonder, even as steel girders defied gravity around him in the industrial age, if he could have known just how much our circumstance is we, just as we are our circumstance.

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