Mary Roach Chapter Summaries

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Introduction: Mary Roach introduces herself ass a person who has her own perspective of death about cadavers. She explains the benefits of cadavers and why they could be used for scientific improvements. She acknowledges the negative perspectives of this ideology.

Chapter 1: Mary Roach discusses about the procedures performed on heads for plastic surgery. She brings up her experience on specializing this. She then explains the results and problems performed by the task such as restoring them and relocating.

Chapter 2: Mary Roach goes on to explain the stages new students for anatomy. Some of them successfully graduate by their maturity and tolerance of handling dead corps. She also explains the importance of cadavers as they are a process for crime results.

Chapter 3: Mary Roach goes over human …show more content…

She explains it’s because scientist are able to receive more accurate data from them. By this the scientist were able to innovate the car’s structure to improve safety in newer models.

Chapter 5: Mary Roach explains the deaths caused by aircraft crash disasters. After having discussions with injury analyst she gains knowledge and makes notes. She publishes a book for others to know human remains can be evidence theses disasters.

Chapter 6: Mary Roach explains the use of cadavers for weapon experiments. Although it was sometimes ineffective for evidence evaluation scientist replaced them with animals such as pigs to receive better data. Changes like these were made to have more efficient experiments and have easier removal.

Chapter 7: Mary Roach has seen the experiment of crucified cadavers for scientists determine their endurances. Some scientists experimented crucifixion on live humans to gain data while Christians viewed this as those who were crucified as enlightenment from Jesus. Roach counters this as torture by the crucified

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