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    Asthma is a heterogeneous chronic disease sited on chromosome 5 (5q31). [1, 2] There are about 100 genes linked to asthma. These genes handle the immune system and inflammation [3]. One gene known as DENND1B, causes an increased amount of the molecule cytokine to be released. [4] Cytokine is the motive for the symptoms of asthma to arise. Asthma is affected by several genetic and environmental factors that can cause life-threatening complications to occur for the people who have this disease. There

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    Asthma is a serious ongoing disease that affects the airways of both adults and children.5 It is a type of inflammatory disease in your lungs with multiple triggers which may include the flu, indoor allergies, pets, dust mites, exercise, and tobacco smoke. Asthma has been recognized since ancient Egyptian times. Researchers found prescriptions written in hieroglyphics. Aretaus of Cappadonia an ancient Greek master clinician wrote the initial clinical description of asthma. Aaezein is the Greek word

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    Asthma is such a common disease. For instance, a negative response to an emotional stress can cause an asthma attack (Mark 1007). Have you actually seen someone have an asthma attack? It is the scariest thing because you cannot do anything about it. They say that there are no cures for asthma, and they also claim that there is some natural therapies that may help to manage symptoms of asthma. Weather your asthma is completely manageable and only shows up from time to time, or if you only have to

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    Introduction Most of you may not think of asthma as a killer disease, yet more that 5,000 Americans die of asthma each year. According to the Mayo Clinic web page, asthma also accounts for more that 400,000 hospital discharges annually. As the number of people with asthma increases, the more likely you are to come in contact with a person who has the disease. As far as I can remember, I have had asthma my whole life. My mother and one of my sisters also have asthma, so I have a first hand experience with

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    Asthma According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (2014), one in eleven children and one in twelve adults has asthma. Consequently, nine people die every day from asthma (CDC, 2014). The financial burden was $56 billion each year (CDC, 2014). Children missed 10.5 million days of school (CDC, 2014). Adults missed 14.2 days of work (CDC, 2014). The impact this disease has on our community is colossal. As a result, it is critical to understand the pathophysiology of asthma in order advocate

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    Asthma is a condition of the bronchial tubes characterized by episodes of constriction and increased mucous production. A person with asthma has bronchial tubes that are super sensitive to various stimuli, or triggers, that can produce asthma symptom.In other words, asthmatics have special sensitivity that causes their lung tissue to react far more than is should to various stimulating factors or triggers. For this reason, people with asthma are said to have "twitchy airways."Some symptoms that people

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    Asthma is a disorder of the respiratory system in which the passages that enable air to pass into and out of the lungs periodically narrow, causing coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. This narrowing is typically temporary and reversible, but in severe attacks, asthma may result in death. Asthma most commonly refers to bronchial asthma, an inflammation of the airways, but the term is also used to refer to cardiac asthma, which develops when fluid builds up in the lungs as a complication of

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    Asthma Breathing is a vital process for every human. Normal breathing is practically effortless for most people, but those with asthma face a great challenge. During an asthma attack, breathing is hampered, making it difficult or even impossible for air to flow through the lungs. Asthma is an increasingly common problem, and has become the most common chronic childhood disease. At least 17 million Americans suffer from it(1), and although it can be fatal, it is usually not that severe(4). There

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    croup, asthma, bronchitis, or laryngitis, and tuberculosis, affected disease location determines the signs and symptoms. Hereditary and environmental factors such as allergens and other irritants can be a contributory factors, especially in children. The vulnerability among this group is associated with the respiratory compromise as a result of incomplete airway development (Huether & McCance, 2012). The purpose of this paper is to describe the pathophysiology mechanisms of chronic asthma and acute

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    Chronic Asthma What do Beethoven, Bill Clinton, and Bob Hope all have in common? They all suffer from a condition called Asthma. When you look up the definition for Asthma in the dictionary, you will find that it is a respiratory condition marked by spasms in the bronchi of the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. Asthma is a chronic long-term lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways, which has no cure. A person diagnosed with Asthma could feel fine; however, it can flare up at any time

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    Freeman Asthma Report Youngstown State University November 21, 2016 Etiology Asthma is an incurable illness. Since there is no cure for asthma, the goal is management of asthma symptoms. Asthma management helps prevent worsening of symptoms and lowers the risk of morbidity and mortality (Kim, Mazza, 2011, p. 4). There are a few different methods to asthma management. Management of asthma will be custom

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    Asthma incidence has risen steadily over the past 20 years and directly impacts the lives of millions (U.S.EPA, 2013). Currently, there are about 23 million people, including 7 million children affected by asthma (U.S.EPA, 2014). The Centers for Disease Control indicate an asthma prevalence rate of 8.4% in the United States (CDC, 2011). Additionally, asthma accounts for approximately 500,000 hospitalizations annually. It is also the third highest cause of hospitalization among children under 15

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    Asthma is a long lasting lung illness that aggravates and tightens the airways. It might at times be called bronchial asthma or reactive airway disease. Some symptoms of asthma are excruciating episodes of wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. Coughing can often occur at night and at times in the morning. But overall these symptoms are quite common in an asthma attack. Asthma is known to have no cure but can be controlled and improved over time. Asthma is identified by the

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    Asthma is a disease that currently has no cure and can only be controlled and managed through different treatment methods. If asthma is treated well it can prevent the flare up of symptoms such as coughing, diminish the dependence on quick relief medication, and help to minimize asthma attacks. One of the key factors to successful treatment of asthma is the creation of an asthma action plan with the help of a doctor that outlines medications and other tasks to help control the patient’s asthma ("How

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    Asthma is a disease that affects the breathing passages of the lungs (bronchioles). People who have asthma always have difficulty breathing. In the United States alone, over twenty-five million Americans are diagnosed with asthma. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), asthma is known to be the third most common disease as well as a leading cause to hospitalization in America. In 2008, one in two people were reported to have asthma attacks which is roughly about twelve

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    Center for Environmental Health, asthma is a serious health concern. 1 in 11 children and 1 in 12 adults have asthma. That’s about 18.7 million adults, and 7 million children in 2010 (CDC National Asthma Control Program, 2016). Asthma caused 14.2 million missed days of work, and 10.5 million missed days of school, and cost the United States about $56 billion per year. Not only does it cost billions, but it also costs lives, with 3,388 people dying from asthma in 2009 alone. Also in 2009, almost

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    Asthma: Improvement management Martine Calice Ms. Sierra Pilar NUR 2235 May 12, 2014 Asthma is a disease of the respiratory system. It causes swelling and narrowing of the air tubes inside the lungs. When this happens there can be coughing, a whistling sound when you breathe (wheezing), chest tightness, and difficulty breathing. The narrowing comes from swelling and muscles spasms of the air tubes. It is a common illness of childhood. Knowing more about the illness can help patient handle

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    Living with Asthma missing works cited The weather in Boston is just beginning to feel cooler as Maeve Vaillancourt, a Northeastern University sophomore rushes to her first class of the day. Although she is already behind schedule, she huddles in a corner to take a dose of her Abuterol inhaler, then finishes her ten-minute walk and slips into class late. “I hate taking my inhaler in public, because it is embarrassing, but after quick walks like that, I need to or else I feel as if I can’t

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    Asthma Pathophysiology Asthma is the leading cause of chronic illness in children and is responsible for nearly 10% of the Emergency Room visits for children <15 year of age. It occurs in as many as 10%-12% of children in the United States and is gradually growing. Asthma can begin at any age , but most children have their first symptoms by age five. Because Camp Wapiti is for children ages 8-13 exclusively, this report will focus primarily on childhood asthma. Asthma itself is an inflammatory

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    from government health, asthma foundation and national health websites. The websites are carefully picked to prevent incorrect or biased data. Websites such as Wikipedia or personal blogs will be prevented as much as possible. Chronic disease is a human health condition or disease that is persistent or otherwise long lasting in its effects. Examples of chronic diseases are diabetes, heart disease, cancers, arthritis and obesity. One controversial chronic disease is asthma, some say that it is treatable;