Job Satisfaction Has A Great Impact On Human Resources Management Essay

Job Satisfaction Has A Great Impact On Human Resources Management Essay

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Job satisfaction has a great impact on human resources management. It has a
positive association with job performance (Judge, Bono, Thoresen, & Patton, 2001),
productivity (Glaman, Jones, & Rozelle, 1996) and organisational commitment (Achor,
2011; Mowday, Steers, & Porter, 1979); and negative association with absenteeism
(Basford & Offermann, 2012), employee turnover (Koch & Steers, 1978) and job stress
(Burke, 1970). Job satisfaction is a cognitive and affective evaluation of one’s job, which
influences the emotional state of an employee (Brief, 1988). The Job Descriptive Index
was developed by Smith, Kendall, and Hulin (1969) to measure workers’ satisfaction
based on five facets: co-workers, supervision, promotion opportunities, salary and work
itself. Co-worker satisfaction is one of the most important predictors of job satisfaction
(Chiaburu & Harrison, 2008).
Co-worker satisfaction is an emotional state of an employee derived from the
appraisal of their co-workers’ characteristics (Smith et al., 1969). Many studies suggest
that job satisfaction is positively associated with components of co-worker relations
such as co-worker’s social support (Chiaburu & Harrison, 2008), co-worker similarities
(Glaman et al., 1996) and strategies for maintaining relationships (Madlock &
Booth-Butterfield, 2008). Moreover, previous studies suggest that co-worker satisfaction
predicts life satisfaction and team commitment (Bishop, Scott, & Burroughs, 2000;
Simon, Judge, & Halvorsen-ganepola, 2010).
Co-worker satisfaction has been associated to positive outcomes in the workplace;
however, few researchers have studied the constituents components of this satisfaction
(Simon et al., 2010). In a previous research, Pizarro de Olazabal (2014) proposed...

... middle of paper ...

...versa. For instance, employees high in extraversion are prone
to spend more time with others and trust their co-workers (Diener, Oishi, & Lucas,
2003); and employees high in agreeableness tend to avoid conflicts with their peers
(Graziano, Jensen-Campbell, & Hair, 1996). Moreover, Cote, Moskowitz, and Zuroff
(2011) examined whether a dynamic personality approach is associated with
characteristics of individuals’ social behaviour. They found that individuals can affect
quality of their social relationships, depending on the frequency that they change their
behaviours. For example, employees who constantly engage in similar behaviours have
close relationships with their co-workers and tend to elicit fewer negative affects among
co-workers. Conversely, workers who vary their behaviour frequently tend to be
considered more distant and less reliable (Furnham et al., 2002).

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