JFK Assasination Conspiracy Theories Essay

JFK Assasination Conspiracy Theories Essay

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November 22, 1963, marks the day of the depletion of the American people's trust in their

government. It also marks the beginning of one of the biggest conspiracies still being investigated

by conspiracy theorists. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th, youngest elected president, was killed

that day. Many say Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter but I think Oswald never even pulled the

trigger. Oswald was just an easy mark to pin the crime on, he was set up, most likely by the CIA

who he was speculated to be a member of. This topic has long interested me since I was a little

kid. I would always ask why our government would lie about how and why JFK was killed, it did not

make any sense to me and still doesn't. The only real logical reasoning is that the government

was and is still trying to cover possibly one of the biggest conspiracies ever in American history.

Ever since that day, our government has become more and more secretive and scarier in my

view. They are trying to shield their citizens of the truth and keep them in the shadows of

uncouthness. I am the type of person who can not be kept in the darkness, I want to know what is

going on in our world and government and I want to know the truth so that is why my burning

question is: Was JFK killed as the result of a conspiracy?

Through the years after the assassination of JFK, many conspiracies have developed,

and with good reason. Everyone from the CIA, the FBI, the mafia to Castro, extremists and even

JFK's vice president, Lyndon Johnson, all had some sort of motive to have JFK dead (Goertzel

731). One of the more widely held theories was that Oswald had killed Kennedy on behalf of the

Mafia, which ...

... middle of paper ...

...e so, there is

much evidence that proves it. As far as who was part of the conspiracy, I came to the consensus

that the CIA were the masterminds behind the whole deal. They had the motive and power to do

so. Many people believe other theories which is fine but there is no doubt that this is a conspiracy

in any case, Oswald was not alone. I believe my findings are good but a lot of speculation

surrounds my findings. Of course I would not retrieve information from some man in his bathrobe

creating stuff up in his garage, but the people who I did get erudition from can not be 100 percent

sure about their findings. It just really frustrates me why our own government would lie to us and

then cover it up. Makes me sick. It just goes to show you that you can never trust anyone

completely. Not even the people who run our country.

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