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John F Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States Of America. He's considered one the best Presidents ever. He did many things in his presidency before was assassinated in November 1963. He proposed the Civil Rights Act, and he commanded the U.S like no one has ever seen before. John F Kennedy's death changed America forever. It caused conspiracies, sadness, and many other things. Even today his legacy of a U.S president is one of the best, even though he couldn't have it for so long. He impacted American Society in a huge way.
John F Kennedy was assassinated for many reasons. One big reason was that many people considered him a bad president. One reason for this is that he signed an order that would put the International Bankers who own the Federal Reserve out of business. On June 12, 1963, and executive order number 11110. It basically was going to strip the power of the federal reserve to loan money to the U.S government. This means that the bank was going to be out of business. When this was proposed, this meant that many people were going to lose their jobs. And they all got mad at JFK. They thought he signed it so he's responsible for our jobs. This cased hatred between many people. Another reason why people hated JFK was the Bay Of Pigs Invasion. The Bay Of Pigs Invasion was a plot to overthrow Cuba's communist government. This plan was started before his presidency. Later when he was a president, he learned about the plan. On March 11, 1961, Kennedy invited CIA director Allen Dulles and Richard Bissell the CIA's chief of operations to the white house. They were all going over plans on how the mission was going to be like. Dulles and Bissells both said that they were going to start the invasion with air strikes....

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...dential protection. Now every president if protected everywhere he goes. This is how the presidential security changed after JFKs death.
In conclusion, John F Kennedy's death affected American Society. It caused sadness, security, distrust, and many other things. The death spiraled up conspiracies and caused distrust in the government and made people think the government may had something to do with death with other people as well. Also another thing was security. The security after his death was more significant than what is was during his existence. Before Presidents were more free, they could do whatever they want but now their trapped. They can't do anything open for the fear of what happened to Kennedy. Also it had caused sadness to American Society and other societies as well. The death of John F Kennedy had a huge on American Society and changed it forever.
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