Jews were the Enemy of Christians in the Middle Ages

Jews were the Enemy of Christians in the Middle Ages

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Middle Ages Research Paper
During the Middle Ages, Jews were seen as the enemy by the Christians; they were thought of as the race that killed Christ. The Jewish people were oppressed during the Middle Ages mostly by Christians. Religion was taken very seriously in the past and for what the Christians believed the Jews were responsible for, they did not like them. Furthermore, the Jews were accused for causing the Black Plague by poisoning the wells. The Black Plague nearly whipped out one third of the world population. The Jews were also “accused of murdering Christian children in order to make matzoh for Passover” (Konop, Muller, & Risley). Moreover, the Jews were forced to live on a filthy island called Ghetto Nuova in Venice. In addition to all the oppressions, Jews were forced to follow many unfair laws. To start off, one regulation was made to force all Jews “to wear distinctive clothing,” (Alan), usually a yellow or a red hat and in some areas, they were required to wear a badge. In the Middle Ages, agriculture was the main way of generating money, and when the Jews were not allowed to own a Christian slave to assist them on their farms, there was no possible way for them to survive. Following, the Jewish were not permitted to take Christian pledges, “Thus, the only occupations available to them were those of artisans, traders, and money lenders,” (Konop, Muller, & Risley). Later in the Middle Ages, the relations between religions changed traumatically. For example, the type of anti-Semitism that existed in England during Shakespeare’s life was not as unreasonable as in the previous centuries. The Jews were now allowed to stay in the main city, even though the community that they were forced to stay in was now was one of “the strongest and wealthiest community in the Ghetto,” (Alan). All in all, sometimes religion and culture can blind us from the truth and some other times, it makes us hateful of others whom beliefs aren’t the same as ours.
Organized marriages have played a big role among different sorts of cultures in history. When we hear the term arranged marriage, we automatically think two parents trying to find a good match for their child. However, the reality of arranged marriages is not that. There are many types of arranged marriages. For example, there is a type that the person getting married can be involved and there is another type where the marriage is not about the couple but the two families.

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It can be for a political, military, or some other reason. Some other type of arranged marriage can be in an uncivilized culture, where the woman is assumed of being not as smart as a man and the man is seen as the dominate figure in the family. There is no official meaning to an arranged marriage as it can be a tool used to gain an advantage in many situations. Love is not taken into consideration when attempting to arrange a marriage, as love tent to hide the negative side of things. In this situation a civilized arranged marriage can be a worthy thing. Most of the times a “family friend or distant relative who serves as a neutral go-between when families are trying” (Flanigan) to find the right person for their child. The matchmaker is important because, if one family does not approve of the marriage, then the other family would not feel embarrassed. In addition, because of the matchmaker, the two families will still have respect to each other. Arranged marriages was usually common “in eastern-based cultures, including Indian, Japanese, and Chinese cultures”. The royals would also arrange marriages between each other to keep “the economic status and bloodlines that they greatly valued”. The idea of arranging marriages to benefit both the families have been “common as far back as Biblical times and beyond” (seabastion).
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