Compare And Contrast Arranged Marriage And Love Marriage

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Arranged Marriage vs. Love Marriage
Each marriage comes with a different perspective and story, whether it is an arranged marriage or love marriage. Arranged and Love marriages are very similar yet different. Love is the pure feeling of attachment. Arrange marriage is like a blind date in hopes to find love. It could be love at first sight or love after a while so in somewhat way they end up being a love marriage after all because the end result is the same as they get married or find love. In this essay there will be comparison done on love marriage and arrange marriage. Each country has a different perspective on each type of marriage. I will be comparing both marriages in America and India. Love Marriages come with a responsibility of their
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In fact, they are looked down upon. A lot of the love marriages that happened were a result of the people eloping from their own homes. Love marriage are often not considered a mature act and done without the parent’s consent can put the family to shame.
Arranged marriage in India is the traditional and well respected way of getting married. Majority of the elderly were married through someone, some not even being able to see each other till after the wedding ceremony. Now a day families are a bit more lenient about getting the approvals of both bride and groom before setting a wedding a day. In some parts of India, arrange marriages are still a business transaction or marrying of little children due to poverty. Arranged marriages are still very common in royalties and high caste people to practice maintaining their status.
Love marriages and arranged marriages can both be justified, and they can both be disagreed upon for good reasons. The culture is what defines each marriage, supporting one belief or another. Although both can be justified, the definition of the two marriages are very different, Regardless of the way of marriage, they are very common. Having introduced to your better half unintentionally may be a love marriage but a third party still played a role in it makes it an arranged
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