Essay Jesus 's View Of Jesus

Essay Jesus 's View Of Jesus

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In the early part of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee, opposition was scarce and Jesus enjoyed the ability to teach others mostly unhindered, but as Jesus began to perform miracles and make claims about being the Messiah, Jesus’ detractors quickly grew. As John 7:2-9 reveals, even Jesus’ own brothers showed unbelief in Jesus as the Messiah despite growing up in the same household and seeing Jesus’ miracles (Pentecost, 1981). Jesus’ brother’s doubt characterized the doubt of Nazareth (Pentecost, 1981), thus the challenge of Jesus to perform miracles at the Feast Tabernacles, was more of a taunt than a challenge to Jesus’ claims of Messiahship.
According to John 7:10, Jesus did attend the Feast of Tabernacles in secret, not public, and as the story continued to unfold, Jesus began to teach, thus as a result of Jesus teaching the Jew’s marveled. From John’s narrative, it can be gained that Jesus faced opposition from three groups: the Pharisees, the crowd at the festival, and the Jews who resided in Jerusalem. While teaching, Jesus’ authority and personhood came into question by the religious elites. Christ claimed that His personhood and miracles were of divine origin, to the Jews, such claims were blasphemy (Pentecost, 1981). Regrettably. the Pharisees failed to investigate Jesus’ personhood and word; hence the Pharisees opposed Jesus on the basis that the Messiah would come from Bethlehem and not Galilee (Pentecost, 1981, p. 282). Since the Pharisees rejected Jesus personhood based on geography, so did the people at the festival and the locals around Jerusalem who were under the influence of the Pharisees.
In John 8, Jesus continued to challenge the Pharisees over the law, light, and Jesus personhood, thus in John 7:53-8:11, the...

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...s of the Pharisees tradition which afforded the Pharisees the right to judge. Jesus claims about being the Light of the World and Living Water reasoned that Israel was blind and in need of cleansing from the Messiah. The Pharisees rejected Jesus’ claims as a result of failing to fully investigate the witnesses of Jesus’ personhood and the Father. The narrative of both John 9 and John 10, demonstrated the Pharisees continued opposition to Jesus’ personhood, miracles, and doctrine, thus the Pharisees were Jesus biggest obstacle to His ministry and Messiahship. Furthermore, it can also be concluded that the Pharisees were narrow-minded, crude individuals who cared more about externals and whose righteousness was arrogant and self-gratifying. Jesus was who He claimed to be, and because of tradition, the Pharisees remained blind to the unrelenting truth Jesus taught.

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