Japan and The United States Differences Essay

Japan and The United States Differences Essay

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This report examines differences and similarities of Japan and the United States cultural and presents suggestions for improving cultural. Thus, countries culture can mean comparing and understanding the patterns, interactions, communication and dealings. Moreover, because traditions and business customs have become growing confrontation on behavior in crossing international boundaries, major changes are essential. In addition, to improve culture differences, my recommendations on becoming knowledgeable on country’s business meetings, time, business attire, etiquette and behavior, decision-making styles, women in the workplace, gift giving, handshakes, business cards, English used in business, gesture/non-verbal communication and negotiations are all key tools to having good relationships between countries (Guffey, 2008).
Business Meetings
Business meetings are “formally and may focus on building a relationship based on friendliness, harmony and trust. It is customary to greet the senior manager first, others descending order and the use of a soft handshake with a little eye contact, and a slight bow. Decisions are rarely made is the meetings (Bosrock, 2014). In addition, the United States meetings are informal and taken very seriously. In other words, a relationship may develop after a signed contract. However, the Americans must stay calm, make adjustment appropriately, respect elders and promote harmony.
When meeting with a Japanese senior member, Japan considers it proper to arrive on time or 10 minutes early. Promptness is imperative in all meetings since Japanese considers tardiness as rudeness and may have adverse influence of business rulings (JETRO, n.d.).

Business Attire
The Japanese believes dark ...

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