Essay about Jackie Robinson : The First African American Player

Essay about Jackie Robinson : The First African American Player

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Jackie Robinson became the first African American player to play in the Major League for baseball. Baseball was segregated for over 50 years and that nigh,t on Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, Robinson broke the barrier for colored athletes. (Jackie Bio)
Jackie Robinson’s career escalated into the big leagues due to a guy named Branch Ricky taking a chance on him. Ricky knew that it would be hard for him to do, but he knew what Jackie was capable of, he knew that Jackie wouldn’t retaliate to all the threats he got in the news, by both fans and teammates alike. Branch Ricky knew that it was going to be a challenge for a young, black athlete to do, but Jackie promised, to Ricky and himself, that he wouldn’t fight back. Jackie’s own teammates, of the Brooklyn Dodgers, didn’t even want him on their team, but like he promised, he didn’t fight back, he just played the game that he loved. (Jackie Bio)
Segregation was so bad that racial comments were not only put in the paper, but were being yelled out from the opposing dugout and his own teammates. There was a specific game in Jackie Robinson’s career that made a huge impact on all the segregation on his team. During a game against the Philadelphia Phillies, the manager, Ben Chapman, and his team were yelling racial and derogatory remarks from their dugout, but that wouldn’t stop Jackie from playing the game he loved. Like mentioned above, Jackie’s teammates didn’t even want to play with him because he was an African American, it was not just the other teams that had a problem with him. His own teammates went to the Leo Durocher and complained, they stated that they didn’t want Jackie on their team, and Leo told them that he would rather trade them then give up on Jackie. Jackie got all so...

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...ak many records.
The 1936 Olympic Games were where Owen’s accomplishments stand out. Hitler was in charge of Germany at this time and he hated how America had let African Americans participate on their team. During the 1936 Olympic Games, America had won 11 gold medals, with 6 of those gold medals being won by African Americans, leading America to success in the Olympic Games that year. Jesse won 4 gold medals during the games, in events such as the 100-meter, long jump, 200-meter, and the 400-meter relay. He broke two records during the games and when he won the 100-meter event, Hitler stormed out of the stadium, but the media states that he ended up congratulating him on his success.
When Owens returned back to the United States, he wasn’t congratulated properly. The President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, didn’t even congratulate him or even meet

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