Jackie Robinson Courage And Courage

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Athletes waiver an uncanny amount of courage, by pushing their bodies to the test and showcasing themselves and abilities to the judgement of the public. Sports may come natural for many people, but having utmost character and bravery does not come easy to anyone. Undoubtedly, having both is a rare occasion. Being a prime example, Jackie Robinson used his natural born gifts of a strong character and personality, along with an unprecedented athletic ability. He fought for equality by dignity and hard work. Respectfully, he was one of the best in Major League baseball for his time, and sparked a Civil RIghts Movement while doing it. Successfully, Jackie Robinson made many advancements in the civil rights movement, helping his people move forward,…show more content…
While playing professional baseball, Robinson was wildly given disadvantages. “He risked sanity and safety to give history the last full measure of his strength, nerve, and perseverance.” (Simon, 10). The physical brutalities thrown at Robinson would be enough for an average man to quite, giving into the pressures of what seemed like the whole world, but certainly not Jackie. “Some players were physically violent -- he once received a 7-inch gash in his leg from an opponent who spiked him with his cleats -- while others hurled verbal racial insults at him and his teammates.” (McBirney, 6). Even his teammates were attacked. However, this was after they attacked him themselves, “Initially shunned by fans and even his own teammates, the infielder focused, instead, on being the best in the game,” (Jackie Robinson - Mini Bio, 00:00:33 - 00:00:40). Standing strong, Jackie Robinson seemed almost unfazed by the attacks bolted towards him, even death threats. “Local police had culled the stadium’s mail to show him an assortment of explicit and persuasive death threats,” (Simon, 3). Outstanding poise in the midst of attacks and brutality, Jackie Robinson focused on his top two important things: baseball and equality for…show more content…
Robinson created an entire career by using his passion to help the civil movement. “Jackie Robinson became the first Major League baseball player to break the color barrier since 1880.” (McBirney, 5). Every advancement he made to his community was through baseball. As his influence and popularity gained a following of interest, Jackie Robinson used these types of opportunities to spread his beliefs. “Jackie Robinson wrote: ‘The right of every American to first class citizenship is the most important issue of our time.’” (Jackie Robinson - Mini Bio, 00:02:14 - 00:02:28). Though many whites did not share his beliefs, Jackie used his field ability to show that he could be just like the other players and maybe even better, despite his skin color. “In later seasons, more African Americans joined other teams in the Major Leagues, as Robinson continued to excel,” (McBirney, 7). An eloquent example of equality and bravery, Robinson opened the eyes of the public to see that black players had the same abilities as white players. This became a beginning spark for the fight of
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