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Jackie Robinson Changes the Game
Jackie Robinson once said that “"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." (Brainy Quotes). Jackie Robinson faced more abuse than any other baseball player. Jackie Robinson had his mind set on breaking the color barrier for African Americans. Jackie Robinson had the muscle strength and talent to inspire and change the color barrier in Major League baseball. Jackie Robinson was one of the most significant baseball players that America has ever known for Jackie Robinson’s bravery to stop the color barrier for, his inspiration he gave to people all around the world and for his accomplishments during baseball and outside of baseball this made him one of the most valuable players in the National League.
To start off, for Jackie Robinsons bravery to stop the color barrier Jackie Robinson had the courage for two years no one else had. In the article “Skin Games” Gregg Guss states, “For two full years he ‘turned the other cheek’, his brain keeping his mouth shut while his heart burned with rage at the insults he knew he must tolerate”(2). Robinson managed to do a lot even with all the abuse he suffered. He had to walk away from name calling, death threats even as a child he faced abused being the only black family who lived in a white neighborhood. In the article “Skin Games” Gregg Guss states, “The world Jackie Robinson grew up in was separate and unequal” (3). All Jackie Robinson wanted to do was make the game he loved equal for all. He wanted to show that African Americans could play any sport just as good as anyone else that there skin color did not define their talents. Although Jackie Robinson faced a lot making the path for African Americans he did it bravely, diligently...

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...obinson he made an impact on a lot of people’s life’s in that time. He showed that the color of your skin does not define what you can do in life. He made the path for all African Americans who wanted to play in the Major Leagues. In the article “Jackie Robinson: A Portrait in Courage” Richard Griffin states, “ I think the stress took 20 years off Jackie’s life, ‘he said, with a hint of sadness. ‘But I’ll tell you what. Jackie Robinson did more for all of us in his 53 years than any man who lived to 90 could ever do” (6). He was someone who risked it all to show the world that African Americans were equal when he could of turned Branch Rickey down the moment he asked him to join the Major Leagues. Jackie Robinson died in 1972 in October due to heart attack but his legacy will live on because there will be no other man like Jackie Robinson in Major League Baseball.
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