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The rise of the legend Jackie Robinson! I. Introduction A. Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to ever play in the Major League Baseball. B. Many people don’t know the great impact on society that Robinson generated in the 20th century. C. It has been sixty eight years since Jackie Robinson smash the color barrier in baseball. II. Thesis A. The legacy of Jackie Robinson was that he left open roads to minorities to be able to play in MLB. Jackie played at the time that racism still existed which means that teams were isolated and with the help of branch Rickey, Robinson could move forward making history eliminating the barrier between White-Americans and African-American. III. Body A. Jackie Robinson was born in 1919 in Georgia. Jackie grew up in poverty and was raised only by his mother because his father left the family. He played many sports as basketball, football but baseball was his favorite. In 1942 Jackie decided to join the US Army, which later on he was sentence to a military court due to decline to sit in the back of a bus. By the 20th century segregation still existed. According to Steven F. Lawson, Segregation was a system which divided African-Americans from White-Americans …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that jackie robinson's legacy was that he left open roads to minorities to be able to play in mlb.
  • Opines that jackie robinson's legacy and effort will never be forgotten. every april 15, every baseball player wears the number 42 on their shirts to salute this great player of all times.
  • Explains that jackie robinson was the first african-american to play in major league baseball. many people don't know the great impact that robinson generated in the 20th century.
  • Explains that jackie robinson was born in 1919 in georgia and was raised by his mother. he joined the us army in 1942 and joined a negro league in kansas city.

The African-American player caught the attention of Branch Rickey. However Branch Rickey was the official manager of the Brooklyn dodgers. Rickey wanted to turn the tables in Baseball and combine Whites-Americans and African-Americans to play together as a family. Rickey convinced Robinson to play and be the first African-American in the Major Leagues. In 1945 he signed his first contract with The Montreal Royals with a condition that he needs to manage his attitude and fury because if not, the media will eat him alive and there will be a battle on the field. “I realize what I am going into” he says. I realize what it means to me and to my race and to baseball too. I’m very happy for this chance and I can only say I’ll do my best to make the grade (Stone

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