Jackie Robinson Research Paper

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When you think of great baseball players, you got to think of Jackie Robinson. Throughout Jackie Robinson life he had many obstacles to overcome. Most were his battles with segregation. He set examples that color or race didn’t matter and that you be what you want to be no matter the color of your skin. Jackie Robinson was born in January 31, 1919, into a family of sharecroppers in Cairo, Georgia. Jackie was named after Theodore Roosevelt, who died 25 days before the birth of Jackie. He was the youngest of 5 kids. Jackie’s dad left when he was only 1 so his mom packed the kids up and headed the California. He grew up in Pasadena where. He was always around the wrong crowd. He joined a neighborhood gang, but his friend Carl Anderson got…show more content…
In 1937, Jackie enrolled to Pasadena junior college where he played all the sports. On the football the football team he was the quarter back and played safety. On the baseball field he played shortstop and batted leadoff. In track he broke the broad jump record held by his older brother Mack. Robinson would soon transfer to UCLA where he would meet his future wife Rachel Islum. After graduating collage Jackie then played semi-pro football. He played for the Honolulu Bears. That would not last long because the army would draft him. He left Hawaii two days before the attack of Pearl Harbor. He was commissioned as second lieutenant. After a year in the army he was honorably discharged with a hurt ankle. Little did he know, his career was just starting… After his discharge, Robinson briefly returned to football. This team was in Los Angeles Bulldogs. Then he accepted an offer to Sam Huston College in Austin, to be athletic director. The job also including coaching the basketball team and Robinson even resorted to inserting himself into the lineup for exhibition games. His teams were outmatched by opponents; Robinson was respected as a disciplinarian…show more content…
He started and played second base. He was 28 years, Jackie made history, and he broke the color barrier. He was the first African American to play major league baseball. Jackie knew that being the only black player was going to be tuff. At the games they use racial slurs at him and would mock him. Jackie had a friend and his name was pee wee Reese. Reese stood up for him when nobody else did. He would go on to play a great career and would eventually retire. He would continue to break color barriers. He would die at the age of 53 of a heart attack. After his death he was elected into the hall of fame. He is a American icon. There’s multiple books and movies about him. Jackie along with one another person has there jersey retired in all sports. If Jackie taught us anything it’s to do what makes you happy no matter what where you come from, or the color of your
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