It 's Not All Flowers And Sausages Essay

It 's Not All Flowers And Sausages Essay

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At the outset, in Jennifer Scoggin’s memoir It 's Not All Flowers and Sausages: My Adventures in Second Grade, she recounts a surfeit of great experiences she has had since the inception of her career as a second-grade teacher at an inner-city public elementary school up until this present day. In the prologue of It 's Not All Flowers and Sausages she voices her idea of a “teacher soundtrack”, a musical collage comprised of approximately 40 melodies that speak into the lives of public school educators, supplies them with the alleviation needed from an arduous day of teaching students with various backgrounds in a diversified classroom, and last but not least, a spur for the following day to continue equipping those students with the implements they need to pursue their long-term endeavors in life, as well as, become knowledgeable citizens in society.
Contemplating this concept of a “teacher soundtrack”, I decided to orchestrate one of my very own. My soundtrack includes a vast compilation of genres ranging from gospel to hip-hop to r and b with. This soundtrack amalgamates prominent artists such as: Kendrick Lamar, Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G., Nas, August Alsina, Bobby V, Adrian Marcel, Montell Jordan, Mobb Deep, Dru Hill, Smokie Norful, Deitrick Haddon, and Tye Tribbett, with many of their hit features counting: The World Is Yours (Nas), Survival of the Fittest (Mobb Deep) Nobody Knows (Alsina), This is How We Do It (Jordan), Sinners Prayer (Haddon), Keep Ya Head Up (Shakur), Poetic Justice (Lamar), and Victory (Tribbett). Out of the plethora, there is one song that conglomerates each of these diverse sounds and portrays a vivid, yet simple message that I am certain very individual of this populace can relate to. The th...

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...ceforward, which will be christened the Chattanooga School of Academia for Early Childhood and Elementary Learners. Hence, my general ambition is to ensure that each student I teach (over the course of my profession) receive the best education conceivable, in which they will develop the indispensable academic and moral competencies necessary for the arduous obstacles they may by chance be presented with on their intricate journeys while in route for life-long achievement.
Thusly, I Smile give me the optimism and invigoration when I need escape from my frightful reality perfused by heartache, homework, and heedfulness. This song often times reminds me to continue sauntering along my journey even when the soles of my feet have been bruised by various forks lying along the road, because at the peak of the destination in which I am in route for is bright and promising.

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