My Philosophy Statement: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Every child needs education to increase knowledge. Education is an essential life experience for children, and I think it differs depending on whom it was taught by and how it was taught. Teaching is an important profession that provides children with opportunities to learn new things and gain knowledge for their future. My focus and vision for education are similar to the educational philosophy called progressivism. Progressivism is a student-centered philosophy. The progressivists recognize each student as unique, and they create interesting curriculum to capture student’s curiosity. They also think interacting with others helps developing social skills. For this philosophy, education is preparing for children’s future lives with an emphasis…show more content…
I believe that a teacher has a responsibility to support children and guide them to become a responsible, intelligent, and independent person to be successful in their future, and the Kentucky School Professional Code of Ethics includes that a teacher should “strive to uphold the responsibilities of education profession”. Children spend at least thirteen years from kindergarten to twelfth grade in the school system, and they will encounter many teachers. Some of the teachers they meet through those years will influence the children. It is my desire as an education major student to become an effective teacher and become a good influence to those children. One of my hopes as an education major student is for students to feel the love in my future classroom. I think each child is unique, and each child deserves educational opportunities. I believe a teacher is a profession that requires patience, knowledge, communication skill, and social skill. The teacher also needs to enjoy the interaction with children, and be able to show them the importance of education and respecting and caring for others. Other professional responsibilities include providing several different ways to present the lesson to cover each student’s most beneficial learning style. It is necessary to focus on each child as an individual
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