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Counseling is a concept that has been known generally by today’s community. Most people defined counseling as a professional interaction between a trained counselor and client in which the counselor provide possible options to solve problems. Yet, it is too general. According to Mokhtar (2006), counseling is a process that helps an individual to learn about their self, environment and how to handle the tasks and relationships. Shertzer & Stone, (1974) as Mokhtar also emphasized that counseling is a process of meaningful interaction towards understanding oneself and the environment as well as producing formation, goals and values clarification for future behavior. The two definitions are chosen to emphasize the process of helping, alerting individuals about themselves and the learning process of an individual to achieve the level of prosperity in life.
The concept or definition of counseling from the perspective of Islam found to be more extensive and more comprehensive. The scope of Islamic counseling covers with one's faith as a divine aspect, the hereafter, the sin, the reward, Hell, and the Day of Judgment. According to the Islamic teachings, counseling method is a basic policy which is used in helping the relationship between humans. The policy of staying away from acts contrary to the teachings of Islam is the foundation of Islamic education. Mustaffa (1998) stated that using Islamic counseling it is needed to bring the client to be faithful to Allah which is doing all errands and leave behind the prohibition. In Islam, counseling has its own meaning and position. This is related with the Qur’an and the Sunnah. People refer to the Qur’an and the Sunnah as it contains all the aspects and elements in life. Ahammed (2010) st...

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