Theoretical Perspective In Counseling

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Theoretical Perspective:

This semester in procedures of counseling class we discussed a lot of different types of counseling theories. We also did a lot of practicing with each theory with our partners. I found that person-centered therapy best fits my personal attitudes and style of counseling. I think this would be a good style of counseling for me because I can see myself better helping people as a whole than trying to fix an actual problem. I don’t think I could just focus on a client’s problem and problematic behavior, and not try to help better them as a person. This is the type of therapy that is the warm and fuzzy type. I like to think as myself as very empathic person, and always try to put myself in other people’s shoes. I try
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I love having personal relationships with people, and having people trust me with their person information and confiding in me. The important aspect of person-centered therapy is the relationship between the therapist and client. The therapist is very empathic and understanding towards the client, and the way they communicate with a client is very nonjudgmental. This is usually why this type of therapy is very successful because it allows the clients to become very open and trusting towards their therapist. The therapist tries to provide the client with a safe, responsive, and caring relationship to develop self-exploration, growth, and healing. (Corey, pg. 177) Person-centered therapy core is that all humans are trustworthy and positive. That people can make changes in the way they live and have effective lives, and try to strive toward self-actualization. The reason for this therapeutic type is to strive towards the right growth conditions for the client, and to help a client move forward and fulfill their creative nature. The main theorist behind person-centered therapy is humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. This therapy is based off of Carl Rogers’s belief that everyone strives to be the best they can be, and reach their maximum potential. He explains a therapist has to encourage certain characteristics in order to reach a certain…show more content…
A diversity perspective is something that you take into major consideration when you counsel a client. In person-centered therapy the first major limitation to this multicultural populations is for people who are in mental health clinics may way a different type of treatment. They may want something more structured to help them resolve their emotional problems, and want to learn certain coping skills to deal with everyday problems. In person-centered counseling this may not be the best type of therapy in this type of situation. The second reason there might be some limitations is because it could be difficult to translate the core therapeutic conditions into an actual practice with some cultures. For example, some clients are accustomed to indirect communication and they would not be comfortable with a therapist showing direct expressions towards them. A third reason that this type of therapy might be a limitation is some culture groups go by collectivism instead of focusing on being an individual. In these cultures, clients are influenced by social expectations and not motivated by their own expectations. This is a major limitation for person-centered therapy because they focus on self-actualization, understanding the self, and trying to improve ones self. The focus on a person individual development and personal growth may seem selfish in a culture that may
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