The Is The Tassel, Really Worth The Hassle? Essay

The Is The Tassel, Really Worth The Hassle? Essay

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Welcome to the real world! The first phrase every college graduate hears after receiving their diploma. To every new graduate they wonder what life is going to be like and how their degree will pay off. Many students in the education major wonder what life is actually like once you step out onto the field. New teachers will give you the scoop on what life is actually like after you move your tassel. Life in the real world is quite possibly the hardest thing you will come across. So, I interviewed teacher Katharine Gruber, with one simple question in my mind’ “Was the tassel, really worth the hassle?”
Meet Mrs. Katharine Gruber, she is a fairly new teacher at Redeemer Lutheran School in Glendale, New York. Teaching for a third year at Redeemer, Mrs. Gruber is the sixth grade homeroom teacher, and the head science teacher in upper school including grades five, six, seven and eight. Mrs. Gruber had graduated from Concordia College- New York in 2014, and that September she began teaching. So when asked “what is your typical day like?” Mrs. Gruber smiled, “It starts off like any other with waking up to get dressed, eating breakfast, lots of coffee and getting ready for school. When arriving at school, Mrs. Gruber puts the morning work on the board and greets her students as they come in. “It’s always great to start the morning off with a warm good morning!”. Mrs. Gruber then goes on to say the rest of her day includes teaching science, religion, science, art, social studies, science, music, gym and just a little more science. At the end of the school day, her desk is a catastrophe filled with papers, so she likes to organize and clean up her room. Then it’s off to her home to relax, eat and get a good night’s sleep. Seeing that Mrs. ...

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... mind, body, and hang with friends. Thankfully, most of her friends are teachers so they completely understand if she is busy. Being a new teacher has its challenges, and it’s not always going to be easy; however, with time Mrs. Gruber says you’ll enjoy every second of teaching.
The real world! A nerve-wreaking place to college graduates, but also the place they have been waiting for. After interviewing and hearing all about new teacher experiences, teaching is something I personally can’t wait for. The one piece of advice that Mrs. Gruber gave me that will forever stick with me is “Each day presents its own challenges and hurdles, and it won’t be easy all the time, but at the end of the day it is one of the most rewarding careers that you can ever have”. So, according to Mrs. Gruber’s experience, I definitely believe my tassel will be will be worth the hassle.

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